Morphy Richards Hand Blender 48959 manual

Morphy Richards Hand Blender 48959
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cubes with the blender using a
plunging action until the ice
cubes are fine ice.

Top tips

When processing foods with
strong colour (eg. carrots) the
plastic parts of the appliance
may become discoloured. Wipe
with cooking oil to clean any
discoloured parts.
For blending, select a slow
speed for soft ingredients,
increase the speed to produce
the consistency required.
Select a high speed for
blending hard ingredients.
When blending, start the
process by plunging the
blender into the ingredients.
This will ensure all the
ingredients are pulled into the
blade to be processed.
Continue this movement until
the mixture is to the desired
Do not lift the blender head out
of the mixture as splashing may


Before cleaning and
maintenance, switch the
appliance off and unplug it.
WARNING: Handle the
blades with care as they are
Clean the main housing with a
damp cloth and dry all the
parts thoroughly.
WARNING: Never immerse
main housing in water or
any other liquid.

Trouble shooting

Check the plug is in its socket
and the switch is in the ‘on’
Is the plug itself or the socket
faulty? Check this by plugging
in another appliance.
Appliance gets very hot.
Blender has been used
continuously for too long.
Leave the appliance to cool.
Appliance not working.
The removable blender leg has
not been fitted correctly.
Detach the attachment and
replace as described in

Wall mounting


The hand blender can be wall
mounted for convenient
storage C.
Do not mount the storage
bracket/unit over or near any
portion of a heating or cooking
appliance or sink or basin.
WARNING: Always ensure
you are not drilling into the
wall adjacent to any
electrical wires or pipes
such as water or gas.
1 Find a suitable position on the
wall or cupboard where the
blender is to be positioned.
2 Mark the fixing points through
the bracket.
3 If you are fixing to a solid brick
or block wall use a suitable size
masonary drill and drill to a
depth of 25mm.
4 If fixing to a wood or cupboard
surface, drill a 2mm pilot hole
or use a bradawl.



If you have any difficulty with
your appliance, do not hesitate
to call. We are more likely to be
able to help than the store from
where you bought it.
Please have the following
information ready to enable our
staff to deal with your enquiry
Name of the product
Model number as shown on the
underside of the appliance or
rating plate
Serial number

Helpline 0870 060 2609

Replacement Parts 0870 167 6640

Ireland Helpline 1800 409119

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Morphy Richards Hand Blender 48959

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Marca Morphy Richards
Modelo Hand Blender 48959
Producto Batidora
EAN 5011832023834
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Número de velocidades 8
Picahielos Si
Vaso para batidos Si
Turbo Si
Tipo Batidora de inmersión
Color del producto Black,Silver
Control de energía
Potencia 500 W
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