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Little Tikes Pirate Ship
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Ages 15 months - 5 years
Please save sales receipt for proof of purchase.


Infants have died in toddler beds from entrapment and
Failure to follow these warnings and the assembly
instructions could result in serious injury or death.
NEVER use bed with children under 15 months.
NEVER place bed near windows where cords from
blinds or drapesmay strangle a child.
Keep these instructions for future reference.
Prior to assembly, this package contains small parts:
hardware which is a choking hazard and may contain
sharp edges and sharp points. Keep away from children
until assembled.
Failure to follow these warnings and the assembly could
result in serious injury or death from entrapment or
Always use a full size crib mattress (51
/8" x 27
x 4"/690 mm x 1310 mm x 100 mm) and springs (not
included). If you do not have crib springs, a 27" x 51" x
(685.8 x 1295 x 19.05 mm) piece of plywood will work.
Maximum weight limit: 50 lbs. (22.7 Kg)
Do not place bed near windows where cords from
blinds or drapes may strangle a child.
Do not place items with string, cord or ribbon around a
child’s neck, such as hood strings or pacier cords.
Do not suspend strings over a toddler bed for any
Do not place bed against a wall unless gap between
wall and bedside is less than 3" (8 cm). Toddler may roll
into space between wall and bed causing suocation.
Before each use check bed for loose or missing
Do not use a water or all foam mattress.
Do not use for infants. This toddler bed is intended for a
child between 15 months and 5 years of age. Maximum
weight limit: 50 lbs. (22.7kg).
Discontinue use of toddler bed when child weighs more
than 50 lbs. (22.7kg). Use the bed with only one child at a
Keep these instructions for future reference.
Requires 9 "AAA" (LR03) alkaline batteries (not included):
3 for the reading lamp, 3 each for the reading lanterns (2).
(Rechargeable batteries may be substituted.)
The voltage of a fully-charged, rechargeable battery
is often lower than that of a fresh alkaline battery.
Therefore, it is recommended that alkaline batteries
be used instead of rechargeable batteries for best
performance and longer play time.
Install batteries with the correct polarity (+ and -).
To avoid battery leakage:
1. Follow the toy and battery manufacturer’s installation
2. Do not mix old and new batteries.
3. Do not mix standard (carbon-zinc), alkaline or
rechargeable (nickel-cadmium or nickel-metalhydride)
batteries. Do not mix dierent brands of batteries.
Only batteries of the same or equivalent type as
recommended are to be used.
4. When toy is not used for an extended period of time,
remove batteries to prevent possible leakage and
damage to the unit.
5. Remove dead or exhausted batteries from product.
6. Dispose of dead batteries properly; do not bury. Do not
dispose of batteries in re as they may leak or explode.
Make sure cover is properly installed on unit at all times.
Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
Rechargeable batteries are to be removed from the toy
before recharging.
Charging of rechargeable batteries should be done only
by an adult.
The supply terminals are not to be short circuited.
NOTE: If the unit stops working or doesn’t work as it
should, remove the batteries for a few minutes and then re-
insert them. If there is still a problem, install new batteries.
Check bolts and nut periodically for tightness.
Inspect bed for damaged hardware, loose joints,
missing parts or sharp edges before assembly and
each use. DO NOT use bed if any parts are missing or
damaged. DO NOT substitute parts.
United States:
Monday - Friday
The Little Tikes Company
2180 Barlow Road
Hudson, OH 44236
United Kingdom:
Little Tikes
MGA Entertainment (UK) Ltd
50 Presley Way
Milton Keynes MK8 OES
Bucks, UK
MINIMUM SIZE allowed is .2” high
Updated 12.2.11 per Paul Madan (new spacing)
Printed in U.S.A. D.R.©2012 The Little Tikes Company
© The Little Tikes Company, an MGA Entertainment company. LITTLE TIKES® is a trademark of Little
Tikes in the U.S. and other countries. All logos, names, characters, likenesses, images, slogans, and
packaging appearance are the property of Little Tikes. Please keep this address and packaging for
reference since it contains important information. Contents, including specications and colors, may
vary from photos depicted on package. Instructions included. Please remove all packaging including
tags, ties & tacking stitches before giving this product to a child.
Tools required (not included)
Outils Requis (non compris)
Herramientas Requeridas (no incluidas)
Adult assembly required
Le montage doit être effectué par un adulte
Debe ser armado por un adulto

Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

Lit enfant bateau de pirates

Cama Infantil Barco de Pirata

#1 screwdriver
Tournevis N°1
Destornillador N° 1
The Pirate Ship Toddler bed uses a full size crib mattress
/8" x 27
/4" x 4"/690 mm x 1310 mm x 100 mm) and springs (not included).
Utilisez toujours un matelas de berceau ordinaire de
690 mm x 1310 mm x 100 mm (51
/8 po x 27
/4 po x 4 po) et un sommier (non inclus).
Siempre use un somier y colchón de cuna de tamaño natural
(690 mm x 1310 mm x 100 mm/51
/8" x 27
/4" x 4") (no incluidos).
Little Tikes Pirate Ship

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Little Tikes Pirate Ship especificaciones

Marca Little Tikes
Modelo Pirate Ship
Producto Cuna de bebés
EAN 50743625954
Idioma Español, Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Empaquetado de datos
Ancho del paquete 1228.9 mm
Largo del paquete 917.7 mm
Alto del paquete 1000.3 mm
Peso del paquete 40680 g
Tipo de empaque Caja
Detalles técnicos
Volumen del paquete 1128000 cm³
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 1199.9 mm
Profundidad 2180.1 mm
Altura 2130 mm
Tipo de producto Cama para infante
Edad recomendada (min) - Año(s)
Edad recomendada (máx.) 5 Año(s)
Peso máximo de bebé 22.7 kg
Color del producto Multicolor
Pre ensamblado No
Certificación CE
Materiales Plástico
Edad recomendada (min) 15 month(s)
Género recomendado Niño
Guarda juguetes incorporado Si
Contenido del empaque
Colchón incluido No
Datos de logística
Largo de la caja principal 1228.9 mm
Longitud de la caja principal 917.7 mm
Alto de la caja principal 1000.3 mm
Peso de la caja principal 40680 g
Volumen de la caja principal 1128000 cm³
Cantidad por contenedor (20ft) 25 pieza(s)
Cantidad por contenedor (40ft) 58 pieza(s)
Cantidad por contenedor intermodal (40ft, HC) 59 pieza(s)
Necesita pilas Si
Tipo de batería AAA
Numero de baterías soportadas 9
Luz de lectura incorporada Si
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