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KRAM 2G. Drive & Talk Radio Mute
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manualKRAM 2G. Drive & Talk Radio Mute
Installation description
Car-specific Radiomute
Needed items:
A. Mutebox.
B. Car-specific cable.
C. Carkit adaptor.
D. Carkit.
Note: The Mutebox
is always delivered with car-specific cable
1. Connect the mutebox to the Car-specific cableset. The end
marked “Radio” is connected to the end with the single 8 way con-
. The other end marked “Speakers” is connected to the 6 and
8 way connectors
2. Remove the radio unit from the centre consol.
3. Disconnect the radio connector/connectors from the radio.
4. Insert the Car-specific cable
between the connector/

Drive & Talk

The professional mute

connectors on the radio and the connector/connectors on the cars wiring loom.
5. Please check the configurations of the ground, ignition and constant 12v in connector
. The red wire should be the constant 12v, the blue Ignition, and the
black should be ground. The two bullet connectors on the Car-specific cableset gives you the possibility to connect the blue ignition wire to the red constant wire if
this is preferred. Note: If no ignition exist in the radio connector the Ignition wire is connected to the red constant 12V bullet connector, or a IGNIBOX item nr. 69600
can be inserted to generate a artificial ignition. If a real Ignition is preferred for the carkit please disconnect the blue wire from the constant 12V bullet connector and
connect it to a real ignition found elsewhere (for an example in the fusebox).
6. The Carkit adaptor
is connected to connector
from the car-specific cableset
7. The carkit is unwrapped & connected. The original speaker and powersupply cable is not used with this cableset. Connector
from the carkit adaptor
is con-
nected to the carkit-powersupply input. Connector
from the carkit adaptor
is fitted to the speaker output on the carkit.
8. Check the position of the mute wire. The yellow mute wire
from the carkit adaptor is normally prefitted to the mute-input on the radio. If the placement of the
radios mute input-pin is unknown the mute-wire can be found in a yellow wire with a female bullet near one of the car-specific connectors on the cableset
. By
connecting the mute-wire you achieve that the radio writes ”Mute” or ”Phone” when the phone is used and at the same time pauses the CD-player. Note: In some
car models it is necessary to connect the yellow mutewire to the radios mute input, to achieve a complete mute of the radio sound.
9. Refit the radio.
For further information regarding the installation of the carkit please refer to the carkit manual.
See our complete Radio Mute program on our website

The professional mute

Drive & Talk



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