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Congratulations on your purchase of the Nano Q-Tron envelope-controlled
lter! An envelope-controlled lter modulates an instrument’s tone based
on the musician’s dynamics and playing style. The loudness of your instru-
ment’s signal forms a volume envelope that directly sweeps the cutoff or
center frequency of the lter. In the Nano Q-Tron, three different lter
types are available: Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass, all controllable with
variable Q and sensitivity knobs; yielding a wide range of tonal options.

Nano Envelope Filter

Operating Instructions

Connect your guitar to the INPUT jack on the Nano Q-Tron and the AMP
jack to your amp’s input. Apply power if needed; your Nano Q-Tron might
already have a 9V battery installed. Press the footswitch to ensure the
STATUS LED is lit, now your Nano Q-Tron is ready to go.
The Nano Q-Tron’s effect is controlled by the musician’s playing dynamics.
A stronger attack or louder note will yield a more dramatic effect, while
softer playing will produce more subtle effects. Use the full range of control
settings in combination with different playing techniques to obtain several
different and unique effects combinations.
TIP: You might nd that the DRIVE and Q controls work best when they are
in the middle of their range rather than maximized.
TIP: When you play a note into the Nano Q-Tron, its lter jumps up to a
high frequency and then the frequency slowly descends according to the
volume envelope of the notes you play. The louder your note, the higher
in frequency the lter jumps.

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