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User’s Manual

VESA Offset Plate
1st Edition-April, 2019 Printed in Japan.
Copyright © 2019 EIZO Corporation. All rights reserved.
Mount on a monitor with a flat mounting location that has VESA
standard compatible screw holes.
If the monitor is an EIZO monitor that does not have a flat
mounting location, a separate, EIZO specified spacer is
required. Please contact your dealer.
Two types of screws with different lengths are included with this
product for mounting on monitors.
Retain the screws that are not used.
Check that all of the following items are contained in the package.
If any of these items are missing, contact your dealer.
Thank you very much for choosing an EIZO product. Please read
this User’s Manual carefully before using this product in order to
familiarize yourself with safe and effective usage. Please retain
this User’s Manual for future reference.
Please contact your dealer regarding monitors that are
compatible with this product.
Dispose of this product according to the regulations issued by
your local authority.
Inquiries regarding this product should be made to your local
EIZO representative.
Mount the mounting plate to the DX0211-IP using the included
screws (M3 × 6). Consider the position for arranging the
DX0211-IP, and choose the mounting orientation of the
mounting plate.
Lay the monitor on a flat place and remove the arm from the
back of the monitor. (Retain the removed screws.)


Package Contents Installation Procedure


Tighten the screws securely and completely.
Mount the screws reliably according to the directions in this document. If not sufficiently attached, the monitor and DX0211-IP may fall,
which may result in injury or equipment damage.
Re-tighten the screws regularly.
If the screws become loose, the monitor and DX0211-IP may fall, which may result in injury or equipment damage.


Monitor mounting screws
(M4 × 20) × 4
User's Manual
(this document)
Monitor mounting screws
(M4 × 14) × 4
DX0211-IP mounting screws
(M3 × 6) × 2
The arm must satisfy the following conditions.
- Be of a type that supports mounting
- Have a sufficient load capacity to support the total weight of
the items to be mounted on the arm, such as the monitor,
mounting plate, and the DX0211-IP



Mounting plate
Outline Dimensions
(unit: mm)
Dimension of installation holes 100 mm × 100 mm
224.0 g
Place the mounting plate between the monitor and the arm, and mount it securely.
Use the appropriate screws.
● For the DX0211-IP cable connection and power on procedures, refer to the DX0211-IP Setup Manual.
Mount the DX0211-IP with the power button side or the side with the High Temperature Caution label facing up when
installed on the monitor.
Mounting pattern
If mounting directly to an EIZO compatible
monitor and EIZO optional arm
If mounting with a spacer between an EIZO
compatible monitor and EIZO optional arm
In other cases
Screws to be used
Monitor mounting screws M4 × 14 (supplied)
Monitor mounting screws M4 × 20 (supplied)
Use screws with a length that is suitable for mounting the monitor and arm with the
additional thickness of the mounting plate.
153 Shimokashiwano, Hakusan, Ishikawa 924-8566 Japan
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4 × Φ5

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