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manualDigitech FreqOut
Power Supply Connector:
Connect a Harman PS0913DC
power supply (sold separately)
to this connector.


Momentary Switch:
Sets the operation of the
Footswitch. When set to the
“ON” position, the feedback
eect will only be enabled
as long as the Footswitch is
held down.
When set to the “OFF”
position, the feedback
eect will toggle between
enabled and bypassed
modes each time the
Footswitch is pressed.
Feedback LEDs:
These LEDs light from
the center LED out as the
feedback signal increases.
The rate of feedback is
controlled by the Onset
Dry Switch:
Turns the dry signal
path on or o when the
feedback eect is enabled.
Onset Knob (ring):
Sets the time it takes for
the feedback to grow to full
Type Knob:
Select from one of seven
feedback harmonic types
Gain Knob (center):
Controls the amount of
feedback signal that is mixed
in with the dry guitar signal.
Connect this output to the
input of a another pedal
or the input of your guitar
Turns the eect on or o. This Footswitch can be
congured for momentary or latched operation
using the MOMENTARY switch.
Placement of the FreqOut:
We recommend making it the rst pedal in your
eects signal chain.
Input 1:
Connect your instrument to
this jack.
Setup of the FreqOut:
Set MOMENTARY to ON. Set DRY to OFF. Set GAIN and
ONSET to 12:00. Set TYPE to 3RD. Press and hold the
Footswitch to enable feedback. Release to stop feedback.

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