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Carcomm Navigation CradleCarcomm Navigation Cradle

© Copyright 2008 - Carcomm International BV. Subject to change without previous notice. All used brandnames are owned by their respective owners
CNM-166 TomTom GO x20 / x30 - TomTom LINK classicCNM-166 TomTom GO x20 / x30 - TomTom LINK classic
This installation manual has been prepared to provide the basic information needed to
install the Carcomm Navigation Cradle. This manual is not intended to be definitive,
because there are different models and types of vehicles which will require different
installation work. The information given is for general guidance only.
The terms of warranty demand that this mobile navigation cradle is installed by an
experienced installer. An end-user should never attempt to install this mobile
navigation cradle without professional assistance as the installation requires special
tools and knowledge.
Note: Thoroughly read the manual before beginning the installation procedure.
1. Ensure that the vehicle’s battery is disconnected before you start the installation
procedure and that it remains disconnected during the procedure.
2. Do not smoke or use open flames when working near the vehicle’s fuel system.
3. Ensure that the vehicle’s electrical cables, hydraulic lines, fuel lines and safety
equipment are not damaged during the installation.
4. Ensure that normal control and operation of the vehicle is not obstructed by the
installation, particularly the brakes and steering. Ensure that airbag operation is not
5. Electronic and other sophisticated systems (for example speed control, ABS anti-lock
brake, fuel injection-, navigation- and airbag systems) are relatively immune to
malfunction. However, should you experience false operation of these systems or are
in any doubt whatsoever as to their functionality, please consult the vehicle’s dealer.
6. The mobile navigation cradle is suitable for use only in vehicles with 12 / 24V, negative
grounding. Use on other supply voltages or alternative polarity will damage the
7. The TomTom should not be left switched on for extended periods without running
the vehicle’s engine. Failure to comply could drain the vehicle’s battery.
Before starting the installation of the Mobile Navigation Cradle please check if the
following contents are present :
- Carcomm Navigation Cradle - Rotating Swivel
- Screw sets - Manual
1. Mount the rotating swivel against a flat surface on the dashboard or a vehicle specific
mount like a Carcomm Safety-Mount, Dashmount or other mounts. Use the included
self-tapping screws for this. Use the template on the right to mark up the holes if this
is necessary.
2. Mount the navigation cradle against the rotating swivel using the included nuts and bolts.
3. To adjust the angle of the cradle while using the rotating swivel you can use the
big screw in the middle of the swivel by accessing it via the hole in the middle of
the cradle.
4. Connect the cable with the 6 pin molex connector coming from the cradle to the
TomTom LINK classic.
5. The cradle is now ready to use.
See the diagram on the backside for an overview.
Compatible devices
TomTom GO 520/720/920
TomTom GO 530/730/930
TomTom LINK classic


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