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User Manual


Wired operation:
You can use your doubleblaster as a wired speaker to increase battery life. Simply
connect the 3.5mm line-in cable to your audio source and the Micro USB end to
your doubleblaster speaker (2).
To charge, simply connect the USB cable end directly to a PC, laptop or mains
USB charger and the Micro USB end to your doubleblaster speaker (2). The LED (3)
on your speaker will turn red whilst charging, and turn off when fully charged.
Please note that the speaker will not charge and play at the same time
Package contents:
1x doubleblaster wireless portable bass speaker
1x Micro USB charging, 3.5mm audio and standard USB cable
1x travel bag
1x user manual
Technical details:
● 1 x 3W & passive subwoofer
● Battery capacity: 1000mAh 3.7V
● Frequency: 120Hz-15000Hz
● Charge time: 2.5 hours
● Bluetooth range: 10m (open space)
● Bluetooth: 3.0
General guidelines:
Keep away from high temperature or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Avoid contact with liquids.
Do not insert any conductive objects into the sound box.
Do not disassemble.
Do not drop the product.
Keep out of reach of children.
Your BOOMPODS product is guaranteed against any defects in material or
workmanship for one full year from the date of original purchase providing it has
not been disassembled and it has not suffered accidental damage such as a knock
or immersion in water, etc.
The device must be used in accordance with the user manual. The warranty is subject
to presentation of the original invoice or receipt from the retailer and does not
apply to normal wear and tear or to any device that has been misused or tampered
with. It should be returned to the local service centre, the service centre will not
bear any shipping cost of the returned item.
Please check for your local service centre.
Before using your doubleblaster speaker for the first time, please take a few
moments to read through the user manual.
Bluetooth operation:
When using with Bluetooth for the first time, please pair the speaker with your
mobile phone as follows:
1. Activate your phone’s Bluetooth function and then enter its searching mode.
2. To switch on your doubleblaster speaker, push the on/off button (1) to “on”,
this will activate the Bluetooth function.
3. The LED (3) will flash alternately red and blue and a beep will indicate that the
Bluetooth function has been successfully activated.
4. Your mobile phone will automatically find a new Bluetooth device called
“DOUBLEBLASTER”. Connect this device and a beep will indicate that the speaker
has successfully been connected.
5. Please adjust the sound to a moderate volume and enjoy the music.
6. To switch off your doubleblaster speaker, push the on/off button (1) to “off”.
BOOMPODS designed in the UK by DT-Design Ltd. All rights reserved ©2014.
This product uses BOOMPODS technology and is covered by international
patents, doubleblaster - IP: 201230133254.2
4 5
front back side
1. Power on/off 2. Micro USB charging port 3. LED indicator 4. Subwoofer 5. Speaker
travel bag double blasting powerful bassmobile, tablet & MP3 rechargeable battery Bluetooth 3.0 CSR
3.5mm Audio Jack
Micro USB
Boompods DBGRN

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Boompods DBGRN especificaciones

Marca Boompods
Modelo DBGRN
Producto Horquilla / base de conexión
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo PDF
Canales de salida de audio -
Número de altavoces 1
Número de controladores 1
Amplificador Integrado
Uso recomendado Universal
Micrófono incorporado No
Operado remotamente No
Potencia estimada RMS 3 W
Rango de frecuencia 120 - 15000 Hz
Puertos e Interfaces
Tecnología de conectividad Inalámbrico y alámbrico
Versión de Bluetooth 3.0+HS
Puerto de carga USB Si
alcance Bluetooth 10 m
Tipo de conector USB Micro-USB B
Entrada de micrófono No
Conexión USB Si
Bluetooth Si
Conector de 3.5 mm Si
Tipo de producto -
Diseño de producto Esférico
Color del producto Verde
Certificados de sustentabilidad RoHS
Control de energía
Tipo de alimentación AC,Battery,USB
Tecnología de batería Litio
Voltaje de la pila 3.7 V
Capacidad de batería 1000 mAh
Carga por USB Si
Duración de la batería (máxima) 8 h
Tiempo de recarga de la batería 2.5 h
Otras características
Indicador de funcionamiento Si
Cantidad 1
Conexión inalámbrica Si
Altavoces incorporados Si
Pilas incluidas Si
Funda de viaje Si
Manual Si
Contenido del empaque
Micrófono incluido No
Control remoto incluido No
Tipo de empaque Caja
Cables incluidos Audio (3.5mm),Micro-USB,USB
Peso y dimensiones
Ancho 100 mm
Profundidad 55 mm
Altura 90 mm
Peso - g
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