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Your Ribcage RX0 camera comes with an IR-Cut filter pre-installed to prevent infrared
light from reaching the sensor – stopping the IR allows you to capture accurate color.
There are numerous applications where you might want to replace that IR-Cut with a
different filter – working in infrared or with NDVI (crop management) are examples.
To remove the filter, use a pair of small tweezers to pull out the rubber O-
ring holding it in place. There’s a small notch above it for this purpose.
Turn the camera over and drop the filter into a microfibre cloth. If you intend
to use the filter again be sure to place it somewhere safe where it will be
clean and protected.
Visually inspect the image sensor and new filter; clean if required. Hold the
filter by the edges and drop it back into the socket and replace the O-ring.
Pro Tip: Use your own custom filters if required. They must be 15.2mm in diameter and up
to 1.1mm thick. IR-Cut and Infrared ‘Cold Mirror’ filters are relatively inexpensive and if
you plan to change filters for any application, it may be advisable to have spares on hand
– they are available in our shop.
IMPORTANT: RIBCAGE RX0 modified Sony RX0 is not waterproof. The
MFT mount is designed for manual lenses only.

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